Blemfree Primary Trial Kit
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The Blemfree™ Primary System

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Dealing with acne and problem skin is one of the most difficult and frustrating problems facing both children and adults (adult acne). Everyone is looking for a way to get rid of acne or heal acne problems. In an age of quick fixes and overnight solutions, there are some basic truths about treating acne and acne remedies that you must face…

  • There is no overnight cure to treat acne.
  • Products don’t perform better just because they’re celebrity endorsed.
  • Acid based products that promise instant results on how to clear acne will only further damage your skin.

As long as there are companies promising quick solutions to hard problems… there will be consumers disappointed with the results. The truth is, the only way to have healthy natural looking skin is to take care of it… a little each day, and to use the right products. The Blemfree™ Primary system was designed with that in mind. You get everything you’ll need to cleanse, tone and nourish your skin back to health.

From the makers of finipil®


Blemfree™ acne treatment takes a scientific and natural approach to creating healthy looking skin. Its patented ingredients are safe, effective and can’t be found in any other products on the market. Blemfree™ was formulated by Equibal Labs®, the industry leader in professional skin care solutions for over 35 years and the maker of Nufree® and finipil®. It was created to eliminate blemishes on every level regardless of skin type. It is one of the best skincare products and acne treatments on the market today.


Wash your face twice daily with our gentle yet effective cleanser. Blemfree™ Cleansing Wash is concentrated to thoroughly clean and soften without strong drying effects. Remember to slow down! Rinse 5 times with lukewarm water, then 5 times with cool (not cold) water. Your skin will stay cleaner if you change your pillowcase regularly and pull your hair off your face. Hair conditioners can also clog pores, so rinse well. Blemfree™ Cleansing Spheres uses all-natural jojoba to gently cleanse and deep clean clogged pores. The best part…they don’t cause damage the way harsh brushes and microbeads can (dermabrasion can even spread bacteria) and are better for the environment.*

A toner restores and balances your skin’s pH level after cleansing. The Blemfree™ toner is formulated to work in tandem with our cleanser. Blemfree™ Toner & Balancer uses Chamomile, Rosemary, Hamamelis and other natural extracts to balance the mantle of skin and help keep acne-causing bacteria at bay. If you do not tone skin, the next step will not be as effective. A healthy diet (think dark leafy greens, colorful fruits and lots of H2O) can help maintain your skin’s pH balance, as well. Spicy foods can increase blemishes and oil activity.

Nourishing acne-prone skin can be tricky. Heavy moisturizers can clog pores but drying out skin isn’t good either. Blemfree™ All-Day Lotion is a light, water-based antibacterial moisturizer, with a cooling astringent formula that won’t cause reddening or peeling. Salt, caffeine and alcohol can dry out your skin, so consume each in moderation. Long, hot showers also rob skin of moisture. Do not mix and match your skin care products—balance is extremely important to maximize efficacy.

You can only achieve he maximum results if you use all the products that make up the Blemfree™ Primary Package (Blemfree™ Cleansing Wash Concentrate, Blemfree™ Toner & Balancer, Blemfree™ All-Day Lotion). These products should not be combined or used with products that are not part of the Blemfree™ line.

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